Police Care UK

Who is it for?

The Police Dependants’ Trust (PDT) provides grants to both individuals and organisations.

For Individuals:

  • We support officers suffering a physical or psychological injury on duty and the families of officers killed on duty. Grants are available to both serving and former police officers and families in a variety of circumstances and are awarded to those most in need:
  • Assistance Grants – These grants are available for a wide range of purposes to help at both times of crisis and to enable police officers and their families to maintain independence and improve their wellbeing. For example:
    • Welfare assistance in times of crisis and to help meet unexpected expenses.
    • Specialist equipment such as mobility vehicles or equipment to enable injured officers remain independent or to participate in sports and hobbies to improve their quality of life
    • Adaptations to a disabled officer/ former officers home to support independent living
    • Contributions towards training to access new career opportunities following ill-health retirement as a result of injury
    • Contributions towards the costs of children’s extra-curricular activities
    • Help towards the incidental costs of residential care or sheltered accommodation e.g. social activities and trips
  • Educational Bursaries – These grants assist with living costs whilst undertaking full-time higher education, further education or vocational training to help young people (under 25) get the best start to adult life.
  • Maintenance Grants – These are part of a historic grants programme which provides regular annual benefits to those on low incomes. These are currently closed to new applicants who are directed towards our main Assistance Grants.
  • Bereavement Grants – These are available to assist following a police officer’s death as a result of their duty. Grants are payable to next of kin to help relieve the inevitable financial pressures that arise in the immediate aftermath of such tragic events. The Trust liaises directly with Chief Constables and Police Family Liaison Officers regarding the award of Bereavement Grants.

Additionally, the following grants are available to police forces and, by invitation, to other charities to support the efficiency of the police service:

  • OneInFour Fund – Major grants available to UK police forces to improve mental health and wellbeing within the service
  • Private Mental Health Treatment for officers who require inpatient psychiatric care
  • Welfare Contingency Fund – to support the mental health needs of police officers following a major terrorist, or other national, incident to reduce the risk of officers suffering long term psychological harm. The trust has agreed a national protocol with the National Police Coordinating Centre on the use of the fund.
  • Major Grants –to assist the trusts beneficiary groups in line with the trusts charitable purpose of supporting the efficiency of the police service. By invitation only.