Police Medical Welfare Service

When was it established?

The Police Medical Welfare Service is provided by DMWS, a registered charity that has been delivering professional welfare services to frontline workers since 1943. Their team of welfare officers provide practical and emotional support to ensure no family goes through the worry of physical or mental illness alone.

In 2016, DMWS started working in partnership with the Police Federation and extend their existing welfare service to members of the Police Force and their families.

 Who is it for?

The Police Medical Welfare Service provides support to officers and police staff with a medical need this may include being off sick, injured or being assaulted. The aim is to improve recovery time, wellbeing and resilience across the Force. The service does not replace existing organisational arrangements but extends the welfare support available to staff and their family members. It is impartial and confidential and operates independently outside of the Police. Some of the ways the charity can help include:

  • A confidential listening ear
  • Practical assistance and accompanied visits to appointments
  • Home visits for sickness absence
  • Liaising with your employer regarding your medical treatment
  • Emotional support for personnel under investigation

Referrals to other agencies

For more information, contact:

Referral number: 0800 999 3697
Head office number: 0126 477 4000
Email: police@dmws.org.uk
Website: www.dmws.org.uk/police
DMWS | The Old Stables | Redenham Park | Andover | SP11 9AQ