Police Mutual Foundation

When was it established?

The Police Mutual Foundation was launched in 2011 to support the welfare of police officers, staff and their families at a time of increasing risks to health and wealth. It is funded by the Police Mutual Group and overseen by the Foundation Advisory Board.

Who is it for?

The Police Mutual Foundation plays an important role in assisting the police service to improve the wellbeing of police personnel. It does this by delivering wellbeing programmes, funding projects driven by the service, undertaking key pieces of research and sharing business expertise. Assistance is provided across the whole police family and you do not have to be a Police Mutual member to receive support.

Respite service

The Police Mutual respite service is designed to complement the respite schemes that are already available to the service, to add to the existing provision. UK breaks are organised at a location and time to suit the nominees.

Whilst not exhaustive, these are some examples of where we have offered support:

  • Being diagnosed with a serious/terminal illness
  • Being diagnosed with a significant mental health illness, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Severe physical injuries resulting in surgery

Health screening

Police Mutual Foundation health screenings are conducted by qualified medical professionals, providing free and confidential health support to police personnel across the UK.

The Wellbeing Zone

The Wellbeing Zone provides access to a range of professionally constructed health and fitness programmes, covering all aspects of wellbeing, including physical fitness, stress levels, weight management, healthy eating and access to expert advice.

The force’s intranet site should contain a link to the wellbeing zone which is available to all police service employees and their families, providing 24-7 access to a range of professionally constructed health and fitness programmes covering all aspects of your wellbeing.