Police Rehabilitation Trust

When was it established?

The Police Rehabilitation Trust was established in 1985 at a time when the escalating trend of injuries incurred by police officers necessitated the provision of a properly equipped and easily accessible rehabilitation centre. The special facilities required have been available at Flint House, Goring-on- Thames since 1988.

What is it for?

The Police Rehabilitation Trust raises funds for rehabilitation services required by injured police officers, as available at Flint House, The Police Rehabilitation Centre.

Over 30,000 police officers have so far been to Flint House. The majority of officers return to duty and all have had much praise for the care and fellowship they have received there. Assessment and tailored health packages, full hydrotherapy and physiotherapy treatment facilities with therapy and stress counseling are always available to officers who are patients at any time.

The Police Rehabilitation Centre depends on voluntary salary deductions contributed by serving officers under the ‘give as you earn’ scheme to cover the majority of its revenue costs. It depends heavily on the Police Rehabilitation Trust for funding towards capital expenditure, new equipment and further comforts. If you would like to donate or participate in fundraising for the Trust, please get in touch by phone or email.