Northern Ireland Police Fund

When was it established?

The Northern Ireland Police Fund was set up in late 2001 as a government response to the Independent Commission on Policing for Northern Ireland, Patten Recommendation 87, as reviewed by John Steele. Published on 7 November 2000, the report provided the initial framework in which the Fund has operated.

The Fund is a company limited by guarantee and is 100% government funded.

Who is it for?

The Northern Ireland Police Fund provides support and grants to police officers injured as a result of terrorist violence, and their families; and the widows, children and parents of officers killed in terrorist incidents. There are four main support areas:

• Financial support

-Bereavement Support Fund

-Disability Support Fund

-Regular payments

• Client support

-Disability Adaptation Fund

-Pain Management Fund

-Prostheses and wheelchair grants

-Psychological support

-Respite breaks

• Educational bursaries

• Home Energy Performance Scheme

In addition to directly supporting clients, the Northern Ireland Police Fund also provides assistance through the funding of activities undertaken by other bodies, either at the Fund’s request or which are of benefit to clients. The Fund seeks to encourage, where possible, the better coordination of services across various bodies and avoid the duplication of effort.

Those bodies supported include the RUC Benevolent Fund, the Northern Ireland Retired Police Officers Association, The RUC GC Widows’ Association, The RUC GC Parents Association, Police Rehabilitation and Retraining Trust, the Police Dependants’ Trust, the Northern Ireland Disabled Police Officers’ Association (DPOA), Forgotten Families and the Carers Association.