The South Wales Benevolent Fund

When was it established?

The South Wales Benevolent Fund in its present form has existed since 1996, when South Wales Police was established. However, it has a direct constitutional link back to similar entities which offered relief to members from historical policing organisations in the local area.

Who is it for?

The Fund is for all serving police officers, police pensioners, their widows/widowers, partners and civil partners of South Wales Police.

The Fund supports police pensioners of the former South Wales Constabulary; Glamorgan Constabulary; Cardiff City Police Force; Swansea Borough Police Force, and Merthyr Borough Police Force. Partners, civil partners, widows or widowers of such pensioners, and also members of the former Glamorgan Constabulary Benevolent Fund and their widows or widowers can also seek support, as can dependants and children (under 25 years old) of such members as outlined above.

‘Partner’ means a spouse or a person who resides, or resided with a member, on a permanent basis as their legal spouse, regardless of gender. The Fund is constituted for relief in cases of financial need for beneficiaries who are sick, convalescent, disabled or infirm.

When two of these criteria are met the committee can consider support in the form of:

  • paying for or providing items, services or facilities calculated to alleviate the suffering or assist the recovery of the beneficiaries.
  • making arrangements for such services and facilities to be provided for beneficiaries by other institutions in return for donations or subscriptions out of the income of the Fund.