Association of Retired Police Dog Charities

When was it established?

Association of Retired Police Dog Charities was established in September 2020.

Locally based Retired Police Dog (RPD) Charities have been in existence since 2005. As more were being formed, it was clear that this unique charity sector would benefit from a central directory where all local RPD Charities could be found and contacted.

What's it for?

The purpose of the Association is to promote and support the work of the current 16 Local Retired Police Dog Charities to ensure they can be easily found by claimants, donors and those looking to set up their own Local Retired Police Dog Charity.

These charities financially help with the vet & welfare costs of the RPDs from 28 police force areas across the UK. When a police dog is retired from service the obligation of a police force to provide financial assistance stops.  All costs fall to the new owner including vet fees.  It is difficult to obtain pet insurance for the vet fees of RPDs due to the dangerous nature of their working lives that may leave them with injuries and health problems in older age.  Police dogs may be retired to live with their Police Handlers, while others are rehomed to suitable families. Either way these families must be able to pay for the usual day to day costs of a dog; but the added burden of large and regular vet & welfare costs can be beyond the family finances.  Local RPD Charities strive to ensure there is financial help towards the vet & welfare bills of these exceptional dogs.  Please visit our website where you will find a list of all the Local RPD Charities and details of how to contact them.