The St George’s Police Children Trust

When was it established?

The original Northern Police Orphanage for children of deceased police officers opened in north England in 1898 by Miss Catherine Gurney. The orphanage closed in 1956 and it was after this that the grant process started. Two trusts were formed, the St George’s Fund and the Northern Police Orphans Trust, both providing grants to police officers’ children.

In 2006 the two charities merged, creating the St George’s Police Trust. Both the Fund and Trust had shared similar aims and objectives and so a merger enabled the beneficiary base to be widened and costs to be reduced.

St George’s Police Children Trust (renamed in 2012) continues to support the children of police officers who have died or who have been incapacitated from earning a living.

Who is it for?

The St George’s Police Children Trust is a registered charity which aims to support Police families by helping ease the financial pressures of bringing up children in the face of life-changing circumstances. These circumstances could involve the loss of either parent (whether or not they are a Serving or Retired Police Officer) or the Police Officer parent being unable to earn an income due to illness or injury, sustained on or off duty.


For a small donation of 35p per week, beneficiaries can access a wide range of financial grants and support for each child throughout their school years including grants of up to £4,120 per child per year, plus seasonal gifts, ‘ex-gratia’ grants for necessary activities or items, and support for child counselling and driving lessons. The Trust continues to support children through further and higher education with annual grants of £1,500.


While no amount of money can replace a parent, support from the Trust can provide a degree of financial certainty in difficult times and is provided for on or off duty incidents to families of officers from forces in the North of England, North Wales and Scotland who donate to the Trust.


The Trust offers a one week's respite break at our holiday home in Harrogate and any subsequent visits at discounted rates.

More than half a million pounds is distributed by the charity to Police Families every year. Application forms for grants are available from the Trust’s website, Police Federation representatives or police force benevolent funds.