When was it established: 

Call4Backup (C4B) is a registered charity in England and Wales (no.1162669) and was founded by Essex Police Sergeant Rob Webber, following friend and colleage, PC Craig Pledger, taking his own life in February 2015. The following day Rob Webber set up a network to bring together the grieving colleagues via a Facebook page vowing to never want to see another colleague suffer with their mental health. This grew with donations and volunteers to become a registered charity the following June. A year later, the charity launched a 'support line' to help.

Who is it for?

Call4Backup was founded to provide confidential and independent support, advice and direction to every member of Staff, Officer or Volunteer working within the UK Police Forces. We provided crisis intervention through our 'support line' which is manned by serving, ex and retired officers and police staff from all over the UK.

The charity has recently started to offer a small number of funded counselling sessions, in exceptional circumstances, and with the support of the trustees. This has meant an increase in the number of serving members of staff that we can look to support back to full working life.