Defence Medical Welfare Service

When was it established?

Defence Medical Welfare service (DMWS) was founded in 1945. The support delivered by DMWS available to police officers through The Police Federation for England and Wales began in December 2020.

Who is it for?

DMWS provides the Welfare Support Programme (WSP) to all subscribing police federation (PFEW) members across England and Wales to all 43 police forces. The scheme complements services already available to officers. The bespoke service offers a wide range of welfare support including clinical assessment, counselling, person centred support, access to fully trained and accredited professionals, independent and confidential support and referrals appropriate follow-on specialist support.

Sometimes we all need a bit of help and we know your branch is the first port-of-call for PFEW members to receive support. However, there may be times when more specialist provision is needed outside of what your force can offer – which is why PFEW have a Welfare Support Programme (WSP) in place. This service is provided by Defence Medical Welfare Service and is available to all subscribing PFEW members – Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00.

How to assist a member in need of support?

The process for supporting members that need welfare assistance is simple:

  1. Local PFEW Rep is approached by a member for help; or Rep identifies a member requiring help
  2. Rep – in conjunction with their branch Chair or Secretary – looks at what support is available via their branch or wider force to support the member
  3. If suitable support isn’t available locally, the branch can refer the member to DMWS via the WSP following confirmation they are a subscribing member.

About the referral process

PFEW members are referred to DMWS through their branch. 

DMWS can be contacted via or 01264 586 942 Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00.