Police Chaplaincy UK

When Was It Established?

Police Chaplaincy UK was formed in 2000, originally named The National Association of Chaplains to the Police and later becoming Police Chaplaincy UK.

Who is it for?

Police Chaplaincy UK is the National body for Police Chaplains. There are over 450 police chaplains serving the 43 police forces in the UK. The basic role of a chaplain is to care: to care for the individuals within each force and to care for the organisation itself. Chaplains are in a unique position because they are not part of the structure, nor are they required to report in detail what they do. Their work is totally confidential.

Chaplains make themselves available to people who need someone to talk to someone in confidence, by their on-going presence, they become aware of the stresses & strains of life in their force and try to help staff at all levels by being a critical friend. If appropriate, they visit staff who are ill at home or in hospital and they offer care to families and friends. They get involved if a member of staff dies, particularly if this is whilst in service.

They lead formal religious services such as carol services or memorial services. They may also officiate at weddings and baptisms, if appropriate.

They are available as an operational resource to officers; for example, in situations of distress or death.

And most important Chaplains don’t try to convert you they are here for people of all faiths and none.

Individual Force Lead Chaplains can be contacted through the website or you can get in touch with Police Chaplaincy UK direct at comms@policechaplaincy.uk.