Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House

When was it established?

Founded in 1890 by Miss Catherine Gurney OBE and based in Hove, West Brighton until the Centre moved to its present location in South Oxfordshire in 1988.

What is Flint House?

Every year, a team of highly skilled physiotherapists and healthcare professionals assist over 3,500 injured police officers to get back to full operational health.

Through an ever-increasing range of specialist intensive treatments and care services, the focus of everyone working at Flint House is on assisting officers back to duty quickly, effectively and with long lasting results.

The Centre offers a residential, holistic environment for the undertaking of intensive rehabilitation, psychological support, physiotherapy, and health & wellbeing, supported with complementary treatments including health classes, aromatherapy, Pilates, and all backed by comprehensive treatment and medical facilities.

The main income of the Centre derives from a small weekly charity payroll donation by serving officers within the 29 forces covered by the Centre, plus a small number of independent donations and ex gratia grant funds. No regular income is received from government or local authorities.

Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Flint House is highly regarded by officers who have experienced the Centres environment and is consistently credited with assisting in the return of officers to full duties earlier than expected.

How to apply

Downloadable ‘Application to Attend’ forms can be found on the Flint House website. Admissions are normally administered at force level by the occupational health or welfare departments in conjunction with the local federation.

Serving donating officers normally undertake a free of charge 12-day stay (retired officers five days) in order to facilitate effective and individual treatment programmes. In most cases attendance at Flint House is classed as special duty time thus officers are not taking annual leave or sick leave to come to the Centre.

Retired officers who attend the rehabilitation centre at Flint House will be charged. To find out more contact Flint House directly.